The J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust is a charitable fund established in the memory of Kirby Simon, a Foreign Service Officer who died in 1995 while serving in Taiwan.  The Trust is
committed to expanding the opportunities for community service, professional fulfillment and personal well-being of Foreign Service Officers and Specialists and their families.  The Trust has been funded with contributions from Kirby Simon’s colleagues, friends and relatives and other persons interested in the purposes of the Trust.  The trustees are present or former members of the Foreign Service – State Department community and Kirby Simon’s parents.

The Trust invited proposals for the support of projects initiated and carried out by Foreign Service personnel or members of their families, or by other U. S. Government employees employed at American diplomatic posts abroad. We received 43 proposals and funded 23. Grants ranged from $866 to $3,923 for a total of $63,726.

The following pages describe the projects supported by the Trust in 2021, drawing on material provided in the applications.

BRAZIL (Rio de Janeiro), Purchase new kitchen appliances and fund partial roof and mold damage repairs for the daycare center Lar, Luz, e Amor, $3923

ECUADOR (Quito), Support, refurbish, and purchase supplies and equipment for community garden, $3500

EL SALVADOR (La Libertad), Construct a local soccer field for a low-income community, allowing sustainable engagement of the local youth through games, training, and recreation, $866

GERMANY (Frankfurt), Support community outreach events and activities at three refugee centers in and around the Frankfurt metropolitan area, $2600

GUATEMALA (Guatemala City), Renovate restrooms and improve sanitation at a preschool, $2500

GUATEMALA (Antigua), Purchase a television, beds, and bedding for 16 seniors at the Cabecitas de Algodón, $3500

GUATEMALA (Guatemala City), Expanded educational programs for vulnerable young children (ages 2-4), $1,000

HAITI (Port au Prince), Provide clean cookstoves using recycled briquettes to schools, $4,000

HAITI (Port au Prince), Expansion of carpenter vocational training program for at-risk youth, $4,000

INDONESIA (Jakarta), Enhancement of a general educational development program for refugees, $3,000

JAMAICA (Kingstown), Develop trail segments of a historic north-to-south trail. $3,170

MALI (Bamako), Support a literacy and economic development project for unwed mothers and their children, $2,600

MEXICO (Tijuana), provide COVID-19 prevention supplies to benefit Nest Norte, a safe space for children while their parents seek legal orientation for asylum, $2,000

MONTENEGRO (Niksic), Refurbish and upgrade the playground at a domestic violence shelter, $3,650

NAMIBIA (Otjomuise), Replace use and unsafe playground equipment at the Mammadu Trust Center, Andrew, $2,500

NAMIBIA (Tsumkwe), Offer financial support to San women seeking to open businesses, $3,750

SENEGAL (Dakar), Save street animals by supporting neighborhood groups to provide food, medical care, and sterilization, $2,600

SENEGAL (Dakar), Provide dental treatment and basic first aid to vulnerable children, $3,200

SIERRA LEONE (near Freetown), Expand educational program about wildlife conservation, $900

TANZANIA (Kigamboni District), Support a skill development project for adolescent girls and young women, $1,500

TANZANIA (Dar es Salaam), Build a playground for vulnerable children and daycare students, $2,163

TIMOR-LESTE (Dili), Support a local orphanage through renovations and supplies, $3,000

UKRAINE (Kyiv), Organize a donation site storage room and purchase a washer and dryer for clothing, $3,804

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