About Past Winners

2016 grantee Mike Pullen fixed the windows and doors at this Chinese home for children of imprisoned parents so they could watch TV without being swarmed by bugs (photo above).

2015 grantee Laurie Kelleher is leading a public awareness campaign about ADHD in Georgia; see some of her work here:   Awareness of ADHD in Georgia

2016 grantee Brian Anselman delivered food packages to 225 needy blind people and their families in Uzbekistan; read more:  Uzbekistan aid for the blind

2016 grantee Verónica Vásquez Cuerno brought a group of voulnteers together to plant trees in El Salvador; read more: El Salvador tree planting

2016 grantee Kristin Peters helped refugee children in Tel Aviv visit a local zoo (photo below)


Trustees of the J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust are:


Liisa Ecola

Cynthia Ely
George P. Kent
Colette Marcellin
John Daniel Morris

Courtney Nemroff
Kathleen Sheehan
Mikkela Thompson
Claire B. Simon
John G. Simon


Herbert J. Hansell, trustee 1997 - 2015