About the Trust

The J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust is a charitable fund established in the memory of Kirby Simon, a Foreign Service Officer who died in 1995 while serving in Taiwan. The Trust is committed to expanding the opportunities for community service, professional fulfillment and personal well-being of Foreign Service officers, specialists and their families. The Trust has been funded with contributions from Kirby Simon’s colleagues, friends and relatives. The Trustees are present or former members of the Foreign Service – State Department community and Kirby Simon’s parents.


Trustees of the J. Kirby Simon Foreign Service Trust are:


Liisa Ecola

Cynthia Ely
George P. Kent
Colette Marcellin
John Daniel Morris

Courtney Nemroff
Kathleen Sheehan
Mikkela Thompson
Claire B. Simon
John G. Simon


Herbert J. Hansell, trustee 1997 - 2015